bringing teams to the next level with successful product strategies

We’re a boutique product management group based in Boston
Just like the ballast of a ship, our goal is to keep your organization steady while you keep moving and transforming.
You don’t stop a ship when you need to adjust the sails. You can’t halt a whole organization while transformation is happening.
Ballast is here for you.
man standing in front of group of men
man standing in front of group of men
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Our services

Each client is different - and that's how we like it.

Clients engage with Ballast to deliver results that propel teams forward... and sometimes that just takes a couple hours.

Engagements are flexible and can be structured hourly or fixed price.

Develop Customized Product Strategies
Optimize Product Portfolios
Mentor + Advisory Support
Feature Prioritization
Customized strategy workshops

Case Studies

Want to work together and achieve high results? Let’s talk.